Expert PhD education, no hidden fees

Unlike almost every other PhD-granting institution, we operate without the bloated salaries of bureaucratic administrators who bring nothing to educational table. Our focus is on high quality, one-on-one PhD training from leading experts in the interdisciplinary fields for Analytics, Media, and Project Management.
Our financial model is therefore far less expensive that nearly every other school in the marketplace, and we do not hide our tuition expenses, or link them to per-credit hours. For calendar year 2023, we operate on a flat fee per semester of just
$3,485 per student
This means if you are admitted to Boston Doctoral University, you can finish your degree in as little as 4 semesters with a total tuition cost of only
$13,940 per student
We also offer a month-by-month payment module where you can literally pay as you go (and earn credits from Harvard, MIT, Google, and elsewhere) for one low price. This option is available for just
$745 per month

As a disruptive force in higher education, there are no contracts for time-to-completion requirements.  Once admitted, you can pursue your degree on your schedule.  You can come and go as you please, and we are flexible with our timetables to meet your schedule, where you are.

Once admitted, our referral program can earn you up to $450 off tuition each semester.  We make it easy and rewarding for our students to help spread the word to other qualified candidates.  Here, you earn a one-time $150 for each AMP PhD applicant we admit from your referral, up to $450 off tuition.

Start now by completing our brief, no stress application form that takes minutes not days, and less than 1,500 words.  You also won’t need official transcripts or letters of recommendation until after our preliminary review.  Just be yourself.

Have questions? Just ask our doctoral faculty directly.

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