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Unlimited Access - Top Universities

We have broken down all barriers to higher education with our one-of-a-kind access to the entire educational catalog through our EdX partnership. Here, you can take classes from the best universities in the world for in-demand careers and professional development.
This option is a great way for anyone who is looking to grow their credentials and prepare themselves for the future with Micro Bachelors, Micro Masters, and Professional Certificate programs from institutions like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
NO APPLICATION IS REQUIRED and the cost is JUST $125 per month FOR UNLIMITED ACCESS to our entire catalog.
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Our student evaluations speak for themselves

“My personal supervisor is a wonderful instructor. The course content was challenging, but my professor made sure his students were prepared and had the tools to succeed. I appreciated his constructive feedback on all assignments and his willingness to help his students. He was enthusiastic about the course and made sure his students knew he was there to help. His knowledge and passion for the content made this class very enjoyable. He is one of the best instructors I’ve had!”

“Dear Professor: An education is one of the best gifts to ever receive!  Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!  I wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!”

“You are the best! Thanks for these comments. Honestly, I am really excited about this opportunity (and this
research project!) so if you wouldn’t mind mentioning my app to your colleagues, I’d really appreciate it.”

“I really enjoyed this project, and look forward to continuing work on it over the winter break/spring semester. Particularly incorporating some time lags – I have the yearly averages for some of the variables of interest already, so almost a dataset that I can use in Stata. Thanks for a great semester I never thought I’d enjoy statistics so much (my mother, in particular, is shocked, and my dad is thrilled)!”

“Please find our write-up for our final project attached. It’s been a pleasure learning from you. Thanks, from all of us!”

Our unique value - Unlimited access

Strategic Networks

Learning integrated with professional experience is a hallmark of Boston Doctoral University, and our wide network of recognized leading employers and entrepreneurs, helps our student chart a new path to in-demand careers. We have a wide array of growing industry partners that can fast track you to success.

Existing Credits

Of course you don’t have to start from scratch: We’ll help you explore your options to make the most existing credits from other universities such as Harvard and MIT or online training programs from Google and other industry leaders. Wondering which courses are best for you? We will help.

Courses and Supervision

Our team has successfully supervised doctoral students at world class institutions like Boston University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Kansas State University, the University of Melbourne, and Iowa State University. We have the know how to help you succeed in your personalized PhD.

Online Courses, Boston Campus

We have nine different Boston area locations that facilitate not only quiet places to study but that also are incubators of world-leading technology and innovation. On our campus, you will be exposed to brilliant minds, and our classrooms literally intersect with the real world. It is an experience unlike any other, and you will be surrounded by motivated leaders from day one that will increase your earning potential dramatically.
Years of
supervision and
doctoral experience
Accessible and modern Boston area locations
Courses and BYO-Degree options to choose from
Dollars in increased annual earning potential

Open your door to opportunity

​We are interdisciplinary to our core and with our personalized supervision, you will have the flexibility and guidance to develop your own expertise in the areas you are most passionate about. Your current and ongoing work experience is built into our curriculum as part of our experiential learning modules. Unlike nearly every other PhD program, we actually expect you to learn while you earn – and not leave behind all you have built as a working professional. At Boston Doctoral, we seek out innovators and create unicorns. Leave your limitations behind and take hold of your future with a customized curricula from world leading scholars and institutions, all brought together under one roof at Boston Doctoral University – a new vision in higher education and student actualization.
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